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With the huge increase in property foreclosures in recent years, the real estate industry has undergone many changes. Along with a sharp decline in new construction activity and sales of new & pre-owned properties, has come the evolution of property on the real estate market known as REO, or bank-owned property. Many banks, conventional lenders and private mortgage lenders have been forced to “take back” properties that they finance due to their clients inability to continue making payments as agreed to, forcing them to maintain until sold or liquidated.

Our inspection process can provide lenders and mortgage holders the ability to accurately evaluate what the current condition of the asset is worth, and more importantly, identify issues with the property that can affect the lender’s position during the holding and liquidation process. We will provide information, potentially limiting lender exposure and liability. We can provide complete inspection and estimating services work required to protect the asset, and can periodically monitor each property to ensure that its value is maintained until it can be removed from the list of REO Property inventory.

As a former property manager, Sunbird Home Inspection "The Lady Home Inspector" know what to look for and can offer advice to help prioritize any remedial action required to protect the lenders asset. 

Call Sunbird Home Inspections "The Lady Home Inspector" in The Villages 352-272-8150

"We just wanted to THANK YOU for being so wonderful. It was nice to have someone who was so caring looking into the house that we are looking at for our growing family. You helped us to understand everything so well and make us feel like things that NEED to be fixed are just “life” things and it is all “do-able” with the right people & cocktails."

It was so nice meeting you and finding little connections. Thank you again so much…"

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