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You are about to make a very large decision in your life. During the course of finding and closing on a new home, you will be concerned with many aspects of the total real estate transaction process…worrying about the condition of the property should not be one of them.

By hiring "The Lady Home Inspector" as your home inspection professional, you are assured that we will carefully evaluate the condition of the home you are buying and offer our input, based on years of professional experience in the home building industry.

As a new home buyer, Sunbird Home Inspection Services treats you, the client, as the most important participant in the real estate transaction. It is not often that you get the opportunity in life to say …"it's all about me"…but this is the case with our inspections. The Villages has lots of homes to choose from. Buy one that is functionally sound with a home inspection by "The Lady Home Inspector".  Call today: 352-272-8150

Focusing on YOUR questions, YOUR concerns, and YOUR interests ONLY…not the Seller's, not the Realtor's, and not the Lender's!

This is your time to get fully acquainted with your new home. The goal of the home inspection process is to provide you with all of the information you need to make a truly informed decision. During the home inspection process, focus and undivided attention is solely on the property you wish to purchase, and any questions that you may have. Your comprehensive property inspection includes a visual evaluation of nearly 400 different items that affect the safety, condition, and value of the home.


Once complete, Debbie, of Sunbird Home Inspection Services will discuss her findings in easy-to-understand terms. She will provide you with a picture of the home's real condition and prepare a comprehensive report and narrative that will assist you in determining if it is truly right for you. Before making a home purchase, you should feel confident that the property is safe, structurally & mechanically sound, and free of all health risks.


Most importantly, you will want to avoid any unwelcome and costly surprises on what may be perhaps the biggest investment in your lifetime. With stakes that high, it needs to be right!

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Vent Stack Separation-Inspection
Pool areas, Bird Cage Inspections
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