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Renting? Sunbird Home Inspections will evaluate your property for you as the homeowner and we will evaluate it for you as the Renter. Get proof of a good-condition home before you move and start renting in The Villages.
As a renter, you can have an inspection report proving you left the property in good condition, so you get your security deposit returned. Are you thinking of buying or selling a home in The Villages? We can help you too!

Call Sunbird Home Inspections today at 352-272-8150.

Protect your biggest investment, your home with a certified home inspection
The Villages Florida Home Inspections
The Villages Home Inspections

Call Sunbird Home Inspections for a fair evaluation of your property in and around The Villages, FL. Home inspections are the norm for buyers of all types of properties, but they are virtually never heard of for renters.  Is that a big mistake? Is asking for a home inspection before signing a lease just being a pain, or is it smart for more renters to demand inspections before even considering handing over a dollar?

Q? Why You Want A Home Inspection As a Renter? Most renters never think of it, but there are many reasons to get an inspection. Generally, buyers require one because they know they’ll be the ones paying for any major repairs after they close the deal. This is seldom true for renters, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be the rare landlord who tries to put the blame of a malfunction or damage onto an innocent tenant. 


Another reason renters should consider an inspection is because they often fork over big deposits and legally obligate themselves for the term of the lease. This can be risky, even after moving out, if maintenance issues persist.  Few have the cash to be paying rent for two places if they are only using one, and few landlords will be forgiving enough to let you out of the lease and not pursue you for the balance in court. Equally important are the potential health issues involved if you decide against an inspection. You don’t want your family living in a toxic home or apartment. Unfortunately, there has been some chaos in the real estate market over the last decade where many landlords are not aware of a property’s existing problems. As the prospective tenant, it is on you to do your homework.

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Q? Can I Get A Home Inspection As A Renter?It may not be common, but there is no reason a prospective renter cannot order a home inspection for themselves. You will need your landlord’s permission and access to the property, but accessing this should not be a problem. Home inspections generally cost a couple hundred dollars or less, and are well worth the investment. An alternative option may be to request a copy of a recent inspection from the landlord. Your landlord should have one if they just purchased the property.

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