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Florida Home Inspection


Florida Association of Building Inspectors
home inspection services in Central Florida


Specializing in detailed non-biased home inspections in and around The Villages, FL, Lake, Sumter and Marion Counties. We are authorized to do Insurance Company Verification Four-Point Inspections (Roof, Water, Electric and Appliances). We do not "look the other way" because it is a certain property. We do inspections by the book that will hold-up in court if needed! Some others with a loyalty to a certain group, may have favorable inspections for their property group.

I am a Certified Florida Radon, Mold & Water Inspector. I am certified to do inspections on single and multiple-family homes, Condos, and Mobile Homes. Also all Insurance inspections, Wind Mitigation, 4 Point Inspections, and Foundation Strapping. I am a member of FABI (Florida Association of Building Inspectors) and InterNachi Building Inspector Associations.

Schedule your home to be inspected before you buy today by Sunbird Home Inspections and the owner, Debbie Odom. You will get the most thorough home inspection to benefit your buying or selling needs. Click here to schedule a Radon test.

Sunbird Home Inspections does inspections for short and long-term rentals, home buyers and home sellers in The Villages area. Performing home inspections since 2006.

Home Inspections are an essential part of the home-buying process in Central Florida. They help identify any defects or safety hazards that a resident may face, such as water damage or leaky roofs

Sunbird Home Inspections of The Villages, FL is a reputable company that provides home inspection services in Florida. We offer a comprehensive home inspection services of the property’s material condition, including the foundation, walls, roof, and moreBy having a home inspection done before you buy a home, you can identify any material defects in the property’s structure and avoid making a bad investmentAdditionally, if issues are found after a home inspection, buyers can negotiate down the sale priceThe inspection report can also help you get a good deal by leveraging it to save money on your purchase. Read our reviews here.

home inspection 4 point
home inspection services
home inspection 4 point
home inspection 4 point

Whether you are buying, selling or renting a home in The Villages or simply wish to know the current condition of your property, Debbie, of Sunbird Home Inspections will provide the detailed, affordable home inspection that you can use in your real estate decisions.

I am a Certified Home Inspector. I have certain criteria that I must do and provide to you. I never sugar-coat anything. I never "look the other way" to make a report look better one way or another. It's a legal document I am creating!

We don't believe in sugar-coating issues just to pass inspections. Sunbird Home Inspections treats you like family with a comprehensive report that you can rely on for your investment. Sunbird Home Inspections of The Villages treats you like family.

We promise to give you real, honest answers that can help you! 
Sunbird Home Inspections specializes in Wind Mitigation, Roof Certifications, 4-Point Inspection.

If you have lived in your home for more than 10 years, you should consider having a home inspection to ensure your home is structurally sound and all of your home mechanical devices are working properly. Call today to schedule your home for an inspection 352-272-8150


  • Home Inspection 4 point

  • Move-In Certified Sellers Inspection

  • Annual Home Maintenance Inspections

  • Mobile/Manufactured Home Inspections

  • Home Inspection Services

  • Wind Mitigation Inspections

  • Roof Inspections

  • Rental Property Inspections

  • Mold Inspections

  • Air Quality Inspections

home inspection services


A home inspector will visit a property and examine its integrity, condition, and functionality. The purpose of a home inspection is to help prospective buyers know what they're getting into before making a purchase. Don't get caught by a seller hiding defects. We look everywhere! We know their tricks and will protect you! Sunbird Home Inspections does NOT take sides or cut corners. Our Home Inspections are a legally binding document and has to stand-up in court. We simply "can't look the other way" just to make a report look favorable.


A home inspection will include a report on the type (and relative health, where possible) of the house's heating and cooling system, electrical system, plumbing, walls, ceilings, flooring, foundation, roofing, drainage, and basement.

home inspection 4 point
4 Point Inspections The Villages, FL


Home inspections are the norm for buyers of all types of properties, but they are virtually never heard of for renters. You should protect yourself because they often fork over big deposits and legally obligate themselves to the term of the lease. This can be risky, even after moving out, if maintenance issues persist.  Few have the cash to pay rent for two places if they are only using one, and few landlords will be forgiving enough to let you out of the lease and not pursue you for the balance in court.


When I was selling my condo a few years ago the buyer had hired Debbie Odom of Sunbird Home Inspections. As the seller I was so impressed and a bit nervous of the time and detail she spent going over EVERYTHING. I knew without a doubt that when I bought a house one day I would absolutely hire her. She just finished the home inspection on the house we are currently buying. Again, I was impressed with her attention to detail. She does not skip over anything or rush through an inspection. She will take the time to explain everything. She really knows her stuff, and is extremely thorough. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing a home inspection and will definitely use her again if and when we buy another home one day.

Dear Debbie. My Fiance and I hired Ms. Debbie Odom after glowing recommendations from family and friends. This is our first time purchasing a home, and Ms. Odom was absolutely wonderful and helpful throughout the whole process. Not only is she meticulous in her inspections, but also incredibly knowledgeable and happy to teach you as she goes through the process. To say that we left the inspection with an education would not do Ms. Odom justice. We learned more in one day about homes, inspections, and home-buying than we have in the months of looking. It was a a stress free (as much is is possible in these) and extremely professional experience. We will be using Ms. Odom for any future inspections, and can not recommend her enough to others. Though our choice in houses has proven to be questionable, we can at least say that our choice in inspectors was perfect.

Andrew McCoy, Esq.

I'm a home owner, real estate agent and investor. I was lucky enough to find Debi and know she is now part of my team of experts. She is a wealth of information and a true asset to any home buyer or investor. I learned more in 3 hours with her about my current home than in the years I've owned it. She didn't just point out the problems but also the solutions and why it was a problem in the first place. I will never buy another home without her expert eyes. She's the best out there.

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