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Whether you are going back North for the summer or just on vacation. Debbie from Sunbird Home Inspections will watch over your home while you are away! 


Debbie provides pictures via email or text when any issues arise or need your attention. You can have peace of mind, knowing that your home in the Villages is being watched by a professional.

What we provide for your Home Watch Service:

- Walk outside perimeter of home

- Observe for mud tubes (termite)

- Observe roof, doors and windows

- Observe for damage to siding: vinyl or stucco

- Observe condensate line for clogging or damage

- Observe trees or brush that are rubbing or touching home

- Observe grass and landscape health, call landscaper or inform you.

- Walk inside perimeter of home

- Observe ceiling for leaks

- Test smoke detectors once a month

- Turn AC or Heat up or down per your instructions

- Observe for pest evidence, call exterminator service for you

- Change air filters, you provide (recommend every other month)

- Take picture at every visit and email or text message you

Additional Services (additional fees may apply)

- Run water into P-Traps to replace evaporating water

- Run dishwasher and garbage disposal

- Check mailbox (must provide key)

- Pour Cleaner into A/C condensate line

- followed by water to keep line clear

- Drain hot water heater

- Test Irrigation system

- Open and close home for visitor or contractors (NOT TENENTS)

- Pool; add water, call pool service if needed

- Golf carts, drive back and forth in garage, check water and top off batteries

- RV (recreational vehicle), drive back and forth in storage facility,
    (start up generator if not winterized)

- Shop and delivery groceries on your return to your home

- Check on Internet and cable activity before you arrive home


- This is a month to month agreement that can be cancelled at the beginning of any month for the following month. To restart service one month notice preferred.

Contact Debbie today to discuss watching your Home while you are away.

Village Resident and Emergency Service available.

Call 352-272-8150 to schedule your consultation today for Village Home Watch Services by Sunbird Home Inspections.

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